Choosing the Best Image File Type and Format

We’re visual by nature and visually driven. We perceive pictures faster than words, so images are scanned first, before the text.  It’s important to include images on your station website.  Unfortunately, one of the most proven ways to slow... Read More.

Are Visitors Reading Your Content?

 You can spend a lot of time creating content so that your listeners and website visitor stay informed.  This great content can help with search engine optimization also.  But... Read More.

Defining Your Radio Station Website Goals

Before you sit down to make your list of website goals, you need to know why your site exists. Please don’t say, “because everyone including my competitor does” or “for better branding”. Neither of those is the proper response.... Read More.

Breaking Up with Your Home Page Slider

 The homepage slider. They’re sometimes called “carousels” or “slide shows“. They often appear near the top of the home page and typically include photos and text, and many times... Read More.