Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions before someone jumps on board. If you can’t find the answer here, please let us know. We’re here to help in every way to make your radio station’s online journey a success.

Why Invest in a Mobile App When We’re Already on Social Media, TuneIn, and Have a Website?

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, your radio station deserves its unique spotlight. While social media and platforms like TuneIn are essential, they often come with increasing costs and limitations in reaching your audience. A dedicated mobile app cuts through these barriers, offering direct and cost-effective communication with your listeners.

With our app, instant push notifications place your station’s latest news or special announcements on your listeners’ screens, ensuring your messages never get lost in the clutter.

While your website is essential, the app is more than just a digital presence.  It creates a permanent space for your station on your listeners’ smartphones, creating a more intimate and constant connection.

We barely have time to update the website; how can we update an app?

We agree!  That’s why our apps integrate fully with the website content.  Update the website; the app is updated as well.  Most of your time updating the app will be done during the setup process and at specific intervals throughout the year when you want to do special events.

What are the revenue-generating benefits of offering a mobile app to My Radio Station/Group?

Introducing a mobile app for your radio station or group isn’t just a tech-savvy move; it’s a strategic business decision with significant revenue potential. Here’s how:

  1. Unlock New Advertising Opportunities: With a dedicated app, you open a fresh avenue for advertising sales. Unlike traditional or web-based ads, in-app ads offer a more engaging and direct way for advertisers to reach listeners, translating into higher-value advertising deals.
  2. Elevate Your Brand: An app elevates your station’s brand prestige. It’s clear that your station is forward-thinking and committed to providing the best listener experience. This enhanced brand image can attract premium sponsors and advertisers looking for associations with innovative and tech-forward platforms.
  3. Expand Your Audience and Sponsor Base: By offering a unique listening experience through your app, you’re retaining current listeners and attracting new ones. A larger, more engaged audience is a magnet for sponsors. They are always looking for platforms with a growing user base to amplify their reach and impact.

A mobile app is more than a digital tool; it’s a versatile platform for revenue generation, brand enhancement, and audience expansion, setting your radio station or group apart in today’s competitive media landscape.

Can I download one of your apps now to see them?

Our multi-station demo has mobile apps in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and a web app version.

Can we update our existing app to this one?

Yes, if you have full access to the developer account it’s currently in. For Android, you’ll need the current developer to release the “key store.”

Can we include our podcasts within the app?

Yes. When enabled, listeners can browse and stream your station podcasts. You can use this to increase podcast tune-ins and sponsorship opportunities.

Are Apple and/or Google developer accounts necessary?

Yes.  Your Apple and Google developer accounts are essential for launching your radio station’s app. These accounts are your gateway to making your app available on their platforms – the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android devices.

We’ll assist you with every step, from registering your accounts to navigating the setup process. It’s important to note that both Apple and Google require you to enroll as an organization, and for Apple’s part, you’ll need a D-U-N-S number, a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses.

These accounts come with their respective fees, but they’re a vital investment, granting you complete control over your app and its distribution. This approach ensures that your radio station maintains direct ownership and management of the app, reflecting your brand’s integrity and commitment to providing a seamless listener experience.

Is it necessary to have both iOS and Android versions?

While it’s not mandatory to have versions of your app for both iOS and Android, it’s highly advisable. Expanding your presence across multiple app stores maximizes your reach. Each platform caters to a distinct user base, and having your app available on iOS and Android ensures you don’t miss out on potential listeners who prefer one platform over the other. This inclusive approach is key to building a broader audience and enhancing accessibility to your station’s content.

Does the App support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Yes, our app fully supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We understand the importance of making your radio station as accessible as possible, and these integrations are crucial for that. With CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, your station becomes a part of your listeners’ daily commutes. It travels, ensuring they can enjoy your content safely and conveniently while on the move. This feature significantly enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of your station being a top choice for listeners in their vehicles.

Can I preview our app on my device before it launches?

Absolutely.  We highly encourage this.  As the apps are uploaded to your developer accounts on both Apple and Google platforms, you’ll have the opportunity to experience and test the apps firsthand. Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store have review systems, allowing you to ensure everything is functioning as expected before making the app available to your audience. This preview phase is crucial for fine-tuning and guaranteeing a smooth user experience upon release.

How long will it take until my app is available to listeners?

The timeframe for your app to become available is not straightforward, as it involves several steps and variables. It typically takes 5-7 days to properly set up your station within the website admin.  However, the full duration depends on external factors like Apple and Google’s review process for their respective app stores. These processes can vary in length and are subject to their specific timelines and requirements. We’ll work efficiently to expedite your setup, but the overall timeline will also hinge on these external review stages.

Which languages are supported by the app?

At present, our apps are designed to support English. However, we’re actively working towards including additional languages in the future. This expansion will allow us to cater to a more diverse audience and enhance user experience across different linguistic groups. Stay tuned for updates as we broaden our language offerings!

What are the requirements I need to fulfill before ordering?

Before placing your order for the app, ensure you have the following ready:

  1. Access to necessary app store developer accounts.
  2. High-quality or vector versions of your station logo(s).
  3. Your stream audio URL(s) – note that these should be direct stream URLs, not embedded players.
  4. A clear outline of your content ideas and specific goals for the app.

These prerequisites are vital for a smooth development process and to ensure your app aligns perfectly with your station’s brand and objectives.

Does the price include submission to the app stores?

Yes, the price of our service includes submitting your app to both the App Store and Play Store. This not only covers the initial app submission but also encompasses each update we make to the app in the future. We handle the technicalities of app store submissions and updates, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

What radio servers does the app support?

Our app is compatible with a range of radio servers, including Shoutcast versions 1 and 2, as well as Icecast v2. It supports streams encoded in various formats such as MP3, AAC, and OGG, ensuring broad compatibility with different broadcasting setups and stream types. This versatility makes it easy for your station to connect and stream seamlessly through our app.

Will my apps be up to date when new mobile systems are released?

Yes, your apps will always be up-to-date with the latest mobile operating systems. As developers, we get early access to new versions of both Apple iOS and Google Android before they are released to the public. This allows us to thoroughly test and update the app, ensuring it functions smoothly across all new OS versions. This proactive approach guarantees that your app remains compatible and performs optimally, providing a seamless experience for your users regardless of their device’s OS updates.

How should we promote new app usage?

To encourage app usage, leverage your existing advertising channels, including billboards, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as print materials. You can effectively combine these mediums for broader reach. Additionally, hosting a social media contest can incentivize new users to download and engage with your app, fostering social sharing. Moreover, involving your radio station’s personnel in promoting the app during broadcasts can be highly effective. Encourage them to talk about the app’s features and benefits on-air, engaging your existing listener base directly.

How can I make money from my new app?

We incorporate a custom banner ad management system to monetize your new app. This system allows you to place advertising spaces in various locations within the app as you see fit. This feature allows for effective and strategic placement of ads, tailored to engage your app users and generate revenue.

What if I need some feature that does not exist?

Skyrocket Radio has grown to its level based on customer requests.  So, your feedback is highly encouraged.  If you need a feature that our app currently doesn’t offer, rest assured that our service is always evolving with a pipeline of new features and add-ons in development. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire if your desired feature is already in the works. If it isn’t, we’re open to adding it to our future plans. For urgent feature needs, we offer the option of custom development, ensuring that your specific requirements are met promptly.

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