Premium extensions without premium fees.

Premium extensions are features that do not ship with every Skyrocket Radio website. Instead, these are paid extras that will only benefit some markets and situations. Each requires a low monthly fee, but you can cancel anytime you feel it isn’t a good fit for your station. Setup is included.  Since we do not sell our code, these are for Skyrocket Radio website subscribers only.

Job Board


Local job openings are huge right now and your website is the perfect place to direct potential employees on-air.  Job listings can stay active for a long as you determine and applications get e-mailed directly to the employer as well as saved in the database for export.

Allow vetted employers to post their own job listings to make the process hands-free, or post each job opening for them and charge a fee for the listing.




Adding a business directory to your station or group site has the potential to add visibility and increase site traffic. A business directory creates a single place for visitors to find information about many businesses in a certain category.  And your radio station is the perfect medium for promoting it.

Create a list of advertisers or a list of every business in town and charge extra for featured listings within individual categories.  Each entry comes with Google Maps to their location and the ability to embed an audio or video commercial.

Have clients submit their own listings and approve them within the admin panel.

Classified Listings


“Swap Shop” programming in smaller markets equates to high listener engagement.  “Classified Listings” is the perfect online partner for that.

Allow your listeners to easily submit their listings within different categories without requiring an account.  Listings are limited in length and no image uploads are allowed.  You set the time limit that each listing can be visible.

Are you still taking entries by phone and typing them each day?  “Classified Listings” can easily be read from the website during an on-air segment or show.

Streamer Now Playing


Our websites will work with any streaming provider, but if you are a Securenet SystemsCool Radio Streaming, Triton Digital, Live 365 or AzuraCast affiliate, we offer a premium extension to show the “Now Playing” and “Recently Played” information within widgets and pages.

There are several layouts to choose from depending on your preference.

RSS Importer


Displaying RSS feeds from outside sources is never encouraged because these lead visitors away from your website and advertisers.

“RSS Importer” imports feed content as local posts to keep viewers on your site longer.  Imported news will look organic as other locally-produced content.

Properly coded RSS feeds will have photo copyright information intact, so no need to worry about a call from the copyright police.

Looking for format or entertainment news for your website? Try Pulse Web Content.

More to Come

Premium extensions are always being developed based on client requests.
Do not hesitate to ask if something can be custom-coded for your particular situation.