New Mobile App Feature: Seamless Push Notifications Management


We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of our products. That’s why we’re excited to announce a significant update to our WordPress plugin specially designed for our mobile app clients. This latest enhancement is set to revolutionize how content authors interact with push notifications directly from their admin pages.

Streamlining Your Content Workflow

Previously, sending push notifications involved a multi-step process. Content authors needed to navigate to the separate “Push Notifications” tab. This method required manually copying and pasting the title, message, link, and assigning an image for each notification. We understood this could be cumbersome, having to go back and forth copy-pasting.

With the latest update, we’ve dramatically simplified this workflow. Content authors can now send or schedule push notifications directly from the post, page, event, or contest entry admin pages. This integration means communicating with your mobile audience has become much easier and faster.

App Notification Box

Features of the New Meta Box

Immediate or Scheduled Notifications: Send a notification when your content is published, or schedule it for a specific time. This flexibility allows you to plan your communication strategy in alignment with your content calendar.
Automatic Content Inclusion: When setting up notifications, the content from your post or page is automatically included in the notification message. This reduces errors and saves time, ensuring your messages are consistent and complete.
User-Friendly Interface: The new meta box is designed with user experience in mind. Its integration into the admin pages you already use means there’s no need to learn a new system or navigate away from your workflow.

Benefits to Radio Stations

For radio stations, timely and effective communication with listeners is key to engagement and retention. This update empowers content creators to send updates, alerts, and promotions quickly and efficiently, directly impacting listener interaction and satisfaction. Whether it’s a breaking news story, an event reminder, or a contest alert, your team can manage it seamlessly from one place.

Looking Ahead

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to make Skyrocket Radio’s tools as helpful and efficient as possible for our clients. We’re dedicated to helping radio stations enhance their digital presence and interact with their audience most effectively.  By reducing the steps required to send push notifications and integrating this functionality directly into the content creation process, we’re helping you save time while increasing your operational efficiency.

We’re excited for you to try this new feature and see just how much more connected you can be with your audience. If you don’t have our mobile app yet, check out the amazing features here.

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