Repurposing On-Air Content for Digital Engagement

If you visit the websites and social media channels of major market radio stations and the bigger talent working there, you’ll notice a pattern of re-purposing what they do on-air.  The most successful radio stations and talent do not... Read More.

Effective Station Website Promotion

Radio is a business of information and promotion.  The rest falls into one of those two categories when we're not playing music.  It’s typical to hear sweepers and personalities promoting the benefits of the radio station, like “The most music,” “The top country hits... Read More.

It’s Time for a Website Health Check!

I have an annual physical coming up in the next week or so, and that got me thinking about how often we should be performing website health checks.  A website health check is a routine checkup to ensure it... Read More.

Should You Import RSS Content?

Several radio station affiliates have asked if importing RSS content would benefit their websites.  I always answer, “What content are you providing now?”  Because it’s essential to know how much you will be relying on the RSS content you’ll... Read More.