Streamplayer Pro


Our advanced multi-station persistent stream player enhances your website’s audio experience, allowing visitors to continuously enjoy radio streams and podcasts without interruption, even as they navigate different pages. The pro version elevates this experience further, offering pre-roll audio and video ads for additional revenue opportunities, extensive customization options, and expanded content access. This feature is designed to keep your audience engaged seamlessly with your station’s content, fostering a more immersive and interactive listening experience.

The Essential Website Streaming Tool

Our persistent stream player stands out with its advanced functionality, integrating with our unique “Artists” database. This feature enhances the listening experience by providing detailed information like album artwork for each track played. If the stream lacks artwork, the player checks the “Artists” database in your admin area, encompassing a range of sources from local musicians to on-air shows, and even commercial clients. When no artwork is found, it then turns to the iTunes database as a final resort. This level of detail and customization is unparalleled, offering endless possibilities to enrich your listener’s experience. Our player is more than just a tool; it’s a powerful asset to your website, unmatched in its capability to engage and inform your audience.

– Ad block space centered within the player.
– Ability to choose from multiple stations.
– Album artwork pulled from the “Artists” database and iTunes.
– Now playing updates automatically to show the station name/positioning statement, current on-air show, or data from a streaming provider (title, artist, artwork).
– Colors are fully customizable.
– Can play specifically classed audio from pages within the player (ie. podcast audio).

– Everything from above plus…
– Up to three custom widget areas in the playlist section.
– Randomly plays from up to five pre-roll audio files with banner ads per station.  Pre-rolls can be scheduled, and banner ads are tracked through the Ad Manager.
– Tracks the number of plays each station receives with reporting.

Premium extensions are only available within our website subscription packages.
We do not offer our extensions to websites outside of our hosting platform.