Business Directory

Adding a business directory to your station or group site has the potential to add visibility and increase site traffic. A business directory creates a single place for visitors to find information about many businesses in a certain category.  And your radio station is the perfect medium for promoting it.

Increase Your Traffic

If your website already has a high amount of traffic, you can charge businesses to submit their own listing, creating a new money-making opportunity. Or you can use the business directory to create a free, ultimate online resource to increase authority for your brand.

Businesses who choose to be a part of your directory benefit by increasing the chance they are found by potential customers. This is especially useful for new small businesses. With our premium extensions, businesses can submit their own listings. You receive a notice of each new entry with links to approve them within the admin panel.

Each entry comes with Google Maps to their location and the ability to embed an audio or video commercial.

Premium extensions are only available within our website subscription packages.
We do not offer our extensions to websites outside of our hosting platform.