Create a Year’s Worth of Website Content Quickly With A.I.


Every radio station’s website should not just be a digital presence but a robust revenue-generating tool.  It’s impossible to draw a direct line between stream listeners and website revenue. However, if your website regularly draws visitors back for news, events, and other locally relevant content, you have a valuable platform for integrating sponsored messages.

You might think, “We understand that fresh content drives traffic, but we just don’t have the manpower or time to create new content daily.” This is where leveraging AI can simplify your content creation process.

Using AI to Generate Content

Let’s strategically use AI tools to plan and schedule a year’s worth of content, handling it a month at a time. This will ensure our content management system automatically keeps our website lively, even during our busiest periods. While AI helps lay the groundwork for this, continue to supplement with timely and relevant content.

Creating content with AI isn’t just a few clicks and done. AI aids in content creation but doesn’t handle all aspects. It’s vital to adapt AI-generated content thoughtfully, as search engines are getting better at spotting and penalizing websites that rely heavily on such content.

If you’re not familiar with AI content creation yet, there are many tools to choose from.  There’s Google’s Gemini, Microsoft’s Copilot, and, of course, ChatGPT to name a few.  We will use ChatGPT for this example.  The free version is quite effective, though the paid version offers enhanced capabilities.

Use These ChatGPT Content Prompts

Here’s the complete prompt we want to give ChatGPT…

“Act as a radio station digital content creator tasked with producing daily content to boost website traffic.  The content must be engaging and something you can easily promote on the radio to bring visitors to the website daily.  The station format is (radio format), and we are located in (city, state).  Our website is hyper-local, so we prefer content relating to our community or state, or content directly related to the music we play and its culture.  Evergreen content is great, also.  Some examples might be “This Day in History,” “The Story Behind,” “How Music Influenced Something,” “Local Landmarks,” “Health and Wellness Tips,” “Best Practices,” “Seasonal Tips,” “Local Sports teams,” etc. 

Let’s create a content calendar outline for this month.  Do not exaggerate or create any fictitious information.  All information must be current and correct. We will refrain from interviewing guests, researching local figures or businesses, or gathering a list of local events or venues.  Remember that ChatGPT will write each of these articles completely, so each should contain information that ChatGPT can access.  Do not recommend any content that ChatGPT does not know.  Do not include colons in the provided titles.  We’ll only create content on weekdays and not on weekends.”

For each day, enter the information ChatGPT provides along with the prompt…

“Write a comprehensive news article about _______. To accompany it, choose an engaging clickbait title that doesn’t include colons.” 

Illustrating Content with AI-Generated Images

Once you’ve proofread and tailored your article, it’s time to create a compelling featured image. You can:

  1. Have ChatGPT generate the image directly with this prompt: “Create a descriptive image for this article that captures the subject’s essence. Use a 16:9 format.”
  2. Instruct ChatGPT to write an image prompt for a different AI Image generation tool, such as Midjourney or Leonardo.  Use the prompt, “Create a descriptive image prompt for this article to be used in a different AI image generation tool.  The image generated should be in a 16:9 format and capture the subject’s essence.”

You may have to tweak the image to the appropriate size within an image editor to match the other featured images on your website.

Creating Content that Drives Advertising Sales

Besides regular articles and blog content, AI tools can also help create material specifically aimed at advertisers. If managing multiple stations, consider developing a dedicated advertiser-focused website that lists your stations, media kits, and coverage maps. This site can host SEO-friendly blog posts that attract advertisers who are actively searching for marketing opportunities.

Let’s initiate content for advertisers with this prompt:

“Act as a radio station general manager with radio advertising and marketing expertise.  One of your primary goals is to ensure your advertising clients know how your radio station and websites help them succeed and grow.  You will create a weekly blog post giving practical advice, answering commonly asked questions businesses ask, and providing the best radio advertising practices to equip your advertisers with the most valuable information.  Your blog will establish you as the thought leader and the first place they turn to for radio advertising information.  We will create a new blog post each week.  Create a content calendar for this month outlining each subject we can cover.  Add an engaging clickbait headline that does not include colons.”

Once you have your content calendar, ask ChatGPT to write out each article and then accompany them with images.

Leveraging AI to Transform Your Radio Station’s Digital Strategy

Integrating AI into your content strategy isn’t just about keeping your website updated—it’s about ensuring that your site remains a destination for listeners and advertisers. This means more listener engagement and more revenue.

Remember, the goal is to use AI to enhance your content, not replace the unique voice and personal touch that your radio station brings. It’s about balancing automated content and human creativity to keep your content fresh, relevant, and personal.

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