4 Ways to Harness AI for Amazing Website Content

One of the biggest hurdles radio station operators face is content creation.  They do not have someone to create the content.  Or, the content person is so bogged down with other duties that they don’t have time to create something that lures back website visitors daily.  Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are opening new possibilities for ALL content creators.

AI-driven tools offer a plethora of functionalities that can streamline daily tasks, enhance creativity, and revolutionize how radio station websites connect with their visitors. Today, we will explore how radio station website content creators can leverage AI tools to create compelling text, captivating images, and exceptional audio content.

I will say, off the top, that today’s episode is FULLY AI-driven.  I’ve used AI tools to help produce today’s episode – from the text to the images and most importantly, the audio.  I have not spoken one word of what you’re hearing today.  This voice you hear IS my own, but it was generated by pasting in the text from this blog post.  Feel free to follow along on www.skyrocketradio.com if you like.

The first way AI tools can help in your website content creation is…

Automated Text Generation and Editing

AI-powered tools can be a game-changer for radio station website content creators in generating and editing text-based content. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms enable AI tools to analyze existing content and generate fresh ideas for blog articles, news updates, and other textual content.

These tools can also assist in improving grammar, sentence structure, and readability. Personally, I use Grammarly to assist with writing everything from blog posts to everyday e-mails.

You can also use AI to help produce high-quality written content for your website and social media posts.  New tools are constantly coming online, but you can start with well-established ones like ChatGPT, Jasper, Google Bard, and Bing AI.  Enter your article text and give a prompt like, “Make this sound better and generate a great title for me.”  Specific commands are unnecessary – speak to them like a human assistant, and they will understand.

Do not use AI text generators to do all the work, though.  Yes, they can write a perfectly written blog post, but search engines are becoming aware of AI-generated content and pushing those down in search results.  Instead, use these AI tools to overcome “writer’s block” or improve your content.

For this episode, I prompted ChatGPT to “Write a blog article that speaks to how radio station website content creators can use AI tools daily for text, images, and even audio.”  Please know that I did not use every word ChatGPT generated.  I used that output as a base and built my completed work around it using Grammarly to correct my mistakes in Microsoft Word.

Image Enhancement and Generation

AI can create images from words.  This is not a search engine that finds the image.  It’s creating an image from scratch based on your words.  So, if you do a news story about a gas station that caught on fire last night, you will likely have no legal stock images for that.  If you’re looking at the website page for this podcast, you’ll see what a service called Midjourney generated from my prompt for an “ultra-realistic gas station on fire at night.”


I hope you see this on our website because the technology is impressive.  These tools can empower you as content creators to enhance the visual impact of your website content and convey your messages more effectively.  The best part is that these images are free from copyright issues because they are generated fresh.

For this blog post and podcast episode, I prompted Midjourney for an “ultra-realistic robot in front of a computer inside a radio station.”  I never would have found an image like this anywhere.

Voice Recognition and Transcription

AI-powered tools can automate the transcription of audio content, making it easier for radio station website content creators to repurpose and optimize recorded material.  If you have a weekly public file show where someone interviews a local celebrity, use voice recognition tools to convert those recorded audio files into written text for your website. With AI-powered transcription tools, content creators can maximize the value of their audio content and make it more accessible to a broader audience.

Audio Enhancement and Text-to-Voice

Audio content is a hallmark of radio stations, and AI-driven tools can elevate your production quality.  Tools with advanced audio processing algorithms can remove background noise, improve sound quality, and enhance overall audio clarity.  Tools now can take loud on-the-street audio and make it sound like it was voiced in your best studio.

Then, there’s text-to-voice.  Text-to-voice tools have been around for several years but have significantly improved recently.  You can now upload your voice, and AI can take that sample and generate words from written text as if you were speaking.  This podcast is voiced using a speech synthesis tool from Eleven Labs.  I uploaded a dry version of last week’s podcast episode, and it used that to form an algorithm for my voice.

I do not see that as a talent replacement.  It’s not perfect.  Some of my subtleties and word emphasis do not come through as I usually would do to make my points.  However, it could switch out a word on a commercial that I voiced.  If I were sick for one week, this could be used to voice the next podcast episode so that I maintain a specific schedule.  Or it could be used to generate something quickly when a good microphone or those excellent audio-processing tools are not present.

Be warned that voice synthesis tools cannot be used to generate voice audio from someone without their permission.  For example, you cannot use AI-generated music artists or movie star voices for anything!  Ensure your clients know this because it can quickly land them and your station in a lawsuit.  Use voice synthesis for internal use ONLY and ONLY when necessary.

Wrapping Up

Integrating AI tools into your daily workflow can revolutionize how your content is created, optimized, and delivered. These tools can empower content creators from automated text generation and editing to image enhancement to audio transcription and text-to-voice.  By leveraging AI-powered tools, radio station website content creators can stay ahead of the curve and provide an exceptional user experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

We want to help your radio station grow and succeed online.  That journey starts with an amazing website that keeps visitors coming back often.  Reach out to us to start your path to online success, or schedule an appointment to see our tools in action.

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