Leveraging AI to Craft Engaging Evergreen Content


One of the best ways to keep audiences engaged with and consistently visiting your radio station website is through evergreen content. And now, creating that content has gotten much easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.  Today, we’ll talk about how your station can tap into the potential of AI to write articles on topics like nearby attractions, reviews, and much more, attracting a consistent stream of visitors to your website.  And as you know, more traffic can equate to more revenue.

What is Evergreen Content?

Before we delve into the nuts and bolts of using AI for content creation, let’s clarify what we mean by ‘evergreen content.’ Evergreen content is any relevant material that doesn’t become outdated quickly. It’s content that people will find helpful and interesting over an extended period. “How to” articles are the most popular evergreen content, but you can also compile content from topics like “Top 10 Must-See Attractions in [Your City]” or “Best Restaurants Near [Your Location].”

The Need for AI in Content Creation

Creating evergreen content requires time, research, and writing skills. Inside nearly every radio station, we’re low-staffed, overworked, and all wearing multiple hats. That’s where AI comes in. AI platforms can generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content with few changes that repeatedly bring new visitors to your website.

How AI Can Help

Writing one article while researching information without copyright issues could take hours.  AI can scrape data from multiple sources to compile a detailed blog post that is written uniquely. You can customize the tone, style, and length to suit your target audience.

Want to create a guide on nearby attractions? AI can collect data on popular tourist spots, their ratings, visitor reviews, and seasonal trends, providing a thorough background for your content.  Rather than hours, the entire article is written in seconds.  And AI can analyze search trends and keyword performance to ensure your content ranks well on search engines.

Don’t know what to write about?  Ask AI!  I gave ChatGPT this prompt, “I want to provide my website visitors with evergreen content about my local area. Give me several examples I could use including information on tourist spots, reviews, etc.”  Here’s what it gave me.

Evergreen Content Post Examples

1. “Best Local Restaurants You Must Try”
A roundup of the best dining spots in the area can be a hit, especially if it includes various cuisines and price points.

2. “Hidden Gems: Unexplored Spots in [Your City]”
Detail off-the-beaten-path attractions, parks, or cultural sites that locals and tourists may find interesting.

3. “A Guide to [Your City]’s Historic Landmarks”
Discuss historical sites, their significance, and visitor tips.

4. “Top 10 Family-Friendly Activities in [Your City]”
List activities or locations suitable for families with children, such as interactive museums, parks, and kid-friendly restaurants.

5. “Your Weekend Getaway Planner: Best Day Trips from [Your City]”
Provide a curated list of locations within driving distance that offer a nice day trip or weekend getaway.

6. “Staycation Ideas: How to Make the Most of [Your City]”
Advice on how locals can enjoy their city as if they were tourists, ideal for holidays or weekends.

7. “Outdoor Activities in [Your City]: Where to Go and What to Do”
Detail popular outdoor spaces for hiking, boating, picnicking, etc., and the best times to visit them.

8. “Best Coffee Shops to Work From in [Your City]”
Review local coffee shops with good Wi-Fi and quiet atmospheres for working.

9. “Art and Culture in [Your City]: Must-Visit Galleries and Theatres”
Discuss the city’s cultural venues, including art galleries, theaters, and music halls.

10. “Flea Markets and Antique Shops: Where to Find Treasures in [Your City]”
Guide readers through the best places to find unique items and antiques.

11. “Where to Listen to Live Music in [Your City]”
Highlight venues known for their live music, ranging from large concert halls to intimate bars or cafes.

12. “Local Farmers’ Markets: A Guide to Fresh Produce in [Your City]”
Detail the locations, timings, and unique finds at local farmers’ markets.

13. “Public Transport 101: Navigating [Your City] Like a Pro”
Offer a detailed guide on using public transport in the area—useful for both newcomers and visitors.

14. “Safe and Scenic Bike Routes in [Your City]”
Recommend the best paths for bicycling, whether for commuting or recreation.

15. “Celebrating [Local Festival]: History and Traditions”
Describe the customs, history, and significance of a local festival that happens every year.

I could then copy any of these titles and ask ChatGPT to write me an extensive article about (paste the title) and write it primarily for my audience.  For example, “Write an extensive article about ‘Best Local Restaurants You Must Try in [my town] for my radio station website that caters to country music lovers.”  The article it gave back was surprisingly good and even provided a few locations I hadn’t heard of.  It also mentioned one location that was no longer in business, so it was good that I followed up on each one.

By creating localized, evergreen content like this, your radio station can become a valuable resource for the community and visitors, enhancing engagement and driving consistent traffic to your website.

And you’ll start seeing traffic come to your website from places you’ve never seen before.  With evergreen content remaining relevant for more extended periods, search engines bump it higher in search results for other search terms for your local area.

And this can benefit more than just your website.  These AI-written blog articles can be repurposed into a daily on-air segment or even a podcast, extending their purpose and reach even further.  You can attach sponsors to these additional features to bring in more revenue.

Getting Started with AI Tools

Choose an AI Platform: Research and choose an AI platform that suits your needs. Some are better than others.  For example, as of this article, ChatGPT’s data only goes through September 2021.  If your article needs more current information, you must consider that.

Define Your Content Strategy: Decide what evergreen content you want to focus on. Is it local attractions, restaurant reviews, or perhaps something else?

Data Feeding & Training: Most AI platforms will require an initial set of data and guidelines to understand what you expect from them. Provide this and run some test articles to refine the output.  For example, you want your article to be season-specific or be about a particular age group.

Review & Publish: While AI can do most of the work, your oversight is essential. Don’t just copy and paste the content without proofing every detail.  Plan to adjust the content before publishing it to your website.

SEO & Analytics: Monitor the performance of your content. Is it attracting visitors as expected? Use this data to refine your future AI-generated articles.


AI offers an unprecedented opportunity for radio stations to create high-quality, evergreen content that can drive consistent traffic to their websites. For our station websites to succeed, staying relevant is crucial.  Leveraging AI for content creation can give your station the competitive edge it needs.  Evergreen doesn’t mean set it and forget it. Attractions close, new restaurants open, and trends change, so periodically check your content to ensure it remains current and relevant.

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