Radio Station Mobile Apps

Choosing the best mobile app for your radio station with streaming, CarPlay, and custom features included!

When it comes to engaging with your listeners, having just any mobile app isn’t going to cut it. Have you ever been frustrated with mobile apps that seem promising at first but fall short in truly connecting with your audience or fitting seamlessly into your station’s operations? Perhaps you’ve dealt with apps that require constant back-and-forth updates across different platforms, or maybe they lack the intuitive features that would truly resonate with your listeners.

These are common hurdles that many of us in the radio industry face. It’s not just about having a mobile presence; it’s about having the right kind of mobile presence that enhances your station’s brand and connects effectively with your audience wherever they are.

That’s exactly why we developed our mobile app solution at Skyrocket Radio. Our app isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic extension of your station’s digital presence. With direct website-to-app integration, your listeners have instant access to everything from live streams and podcasts to news and event updates—all updated in real-time and all in one place. No more juggling multiple admin panels or worrying about outdated information. Just smooth, streamlined engagement that keeps your listeners tuned in and turned on to what’s happening at your station.

Seamless Direct Website-to-App Integration

Have you ever found yourself entering the same content over and over across multiple platforms? It’s a common headache for many of us. You input your latest contest details or event information on your website and again in your mobile app admin, doubling your workload and increasing the chance for errors. Then, you try to pull all of those contest entries from both locations to get a good winner.

The Problem with Standard Integration: Many mobile apps require separate management for website and app content, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies. This is not only time-consuming but can also detract from focusing on what truly matters—creating great content and engaging with your audience.

Our Direct Integration Solution: At Skyrocket Radio, we’ve tackled this issue head-on. Our mobile app features direct website-to-app integration, meaning that when you update your website, your app updates automatically. Enter your contests, events, and news updates just once, and see them reflected instantly across all platforms. This integration ensures that your listeners have access to the full spectrum of your station’s content in real-time, whether they’re on their phones, tablets, or desktops.

This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about providing a consistent and reliable experience for your listeners. They get immediate access to live streams, podcasts, and the latest station news, all updated seamlessly and simultaneously. There are no delays or discrepancies—just your content, as fresh and current as it can be, directly at their fingertips.

Why It Matters: Listeners value immediacy and accuracy. With our app, your station not only meets these expectations but exceeds them, enhancing listener loyalty and trust. Plus, the time you save on admin tasks can now be redirected to enhancing your programming and growing your audience base.

In-Car Engagement with CarPlay and Android Auto

For many listeners, the daily commute is prime time for tuning into their favorite radio stations. But how often have you heard from listeners who want a simpler way to connect with your station while driving? Traditional streaming through mobile devices can be cumbersome and, frankly, not the safest option on the road.

Limitations of Other Apps: Many mobile apps for radio stations miss a critical piece of the puzzle: seamless in-car integration. Drivers are left fumbling with their phones, which is hardly ideal and can be a real distraction. Moreover, without integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, stations may miss out on a significant listener base that relies on these systems for their media consumption during commutes.

Advantages of Our App: Our mobile app changes the game by featuring seamless integration with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means listeners can access your live streams, podcasts, and more directly from their car’s dashboard—no hands needed, just simple voice commands or a tap on the dashboard interface. It’s about making every car a mobile extension of your radio station.

Expanding Your Audience Reach: This level of integration not only enhances safety and convenience but also significantly boosts your station’s accessibility. By integrating with in-car systems, your station becomes a natural part of the daily drive for countless listeners, effectively expanding your audience and deepening listener loyalty. They can enjoy their favorite shows, news updates, and music without ever missing a beat, regardless of where their commute takes them.

Strategic Impact: Integrating with CarPlay and Android Auto isn’t just a technical enhancement—it’s a strategic asset. It prominently places your station in your audience’s daily routines, transforming every car into a potential hotspot for audience engagement and loyalty. This is how you stay relevant and top-of-mind, even as consumer behaviors shift towards more connected driving experiences.

Real-Time Interaction and Optimized User Experience Across Devices

Engaging with your listeners in real-time and on their preferred devices isn’t just a bonus—it’s essential for modern radio stations. Many radio station apps fall short, offering limited interaction options and inconsistent experiences across different devices.

Real-Time Contact with Listeners: Our mobile app harnesses the power of push notifications to transform how you communicate with your audience. Whether it’s breaking news, final scores, or a last-minute contest, push notifications provide an immediate and effective way to keep your audience informed and involved. This feature ensures your listeners never miss out on what matters most, enhancing engagement and boosting participation in station-hosted activities.

The Power of Push Notifications: Imagine being able to alert your listeners instantly about an exclusive interview that’s about to start or reminding them to tune in for their favorite show. Each notification is a direct line to your audience, fostering a deeper connection and keeping your station top-of-mind. This tool is invaluable for maintaining listener retention, driving real-time engagement, and providing timely and relevant updates that keep your listeners tuned in and actively participating.

Optimized User Experience Across All Devices: Beyond keeping listeners engaged through notifications, users must enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience regardless of the device they use. Our app is masterfully crafted to adapt to any screen size—from the compact smartphone to the expansive display of tablets. This adaptability ensures that whether your audience prefers the portability of a phone or the larger visual landscape of a tablet, they receive a consistent and engaging user experience.

Device Adaptability: This versatility is crucial for reaching a wider audience and ensuring that every listener has the best possible interaction with your content. With more and more listeners using diverse devices to access media, our app’s ability to deliver a tailored experience on any device meets and exceeds listener expectations, ensuring they remain engaged and loyal.

Unmatched Customization and Transparent Pricing

Choosing the right mobile app for your radio station is about more than just the basic functionalities; it’s about finding a solution tailored to your unique needs and offered at a price that suits your budget.

Customization That Meets Your Needs: Unlike other mobile app services that limit your creative control with predefined templates and restricted settings, our app provides a robust custom page builder. This tool allows you to craft unlimited custom pages with dynamic content that resonates with your audience. Whether integrating client ads exactly where you want them or designing interactive features that engage your listeners, our app allows you to make your mobile presence your own.

Everything Included, No Surprises: We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model. Where other app services nickel and dime you for every additional feature—CarPlay and Android Auto integration, client banner ads, or additional stations—our model includes everything. One flat monthly rate gives you access to all our features without extra charges or surprises. This approach makes budgeting simpler and ensures you get the full suite of tools you need to succeed without any hidden costs.

No Long-Term Commitments: We pride ourselves on flexibility, so our service doesn’t lock you into lengthy contracts. Our month-to-month subscription allows you to adapt your strategy as your station grows and your needs change, giving you the freedom to scale up or adjust your services without penalty.

The Skyrocket Radio Promise: We are committed to providing not just a mobile app but a comprehensive digital engagement solution that enhances your station’s reach and listener loyalty. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your app continues to serve as a powerful extension of your station’s brand and a vital tool in your digital arsenal.

Hi, I’m Jim.  I’ve been where you are.

I spent 16 years in radio before starting Skyrocket Radio.  I’ve hosted a top morning show and managed programming, promotions, and digital content departments. Needless to say, I’ve been in the radio trenches with you. That’s how I know what radio stations need and how they want it to be (easy).  Our digital experiences should resonate with the people who create content and your listeners.

Our commitment extends beyond website development. We also want to educate stations on the best practices for online success, whether they are clients or not. Our weekly “Better Radio Websites” podcast is designed to attract more visitors and generate the most revenue from your station websites and mobile apps. Our goal is to revolutionize the digital landscape for radio stations, helping them soar to new heights in visitor engagement and revenue generation.

The Benefits You Can Expect

Easy to Update Mobile App

With the app directly tied to the website, you’ll do very little (if anything) to update your app.  However, custom pages and forms can be built for additional functionality.

Better Listener Engagement

Great local content, plus live streaming, podcasts, social media integration, and interactive features such as polls and contests help stations connect with listeners and keep them returning.

Increased Revenue

Websites are designed to attract more visitors and effectively monetize traffic through well-placed ads and partnerships with advertisers, enhancing your station’s financial growth potential.


“Above and beyond”

“Working with Skyrocket Radio has been incredible since we re-designed our sites in 2016. Jim’s professionalism, expertise, and vision have proven successful for our business and clients.”

Michael BrannonMichael Brannon
5-Star Service

“Excellent product & service”

“Our sites are incredibly attractive and designed to give my staff a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use platform that enables us to stay fresh and our listeners up to date.”

Lyman James, Sterling BroadcastingLyman James
Sterling Broadcasting
5-Star Service

“Valued part of our team”

“Jim is a radio guy and a website guy, so he knows what we’re looking for and how to make it happen effectively. He always has great solutions that save us time and money.”

Dave Radigan, WEBODave Radigan
Radigan Media
5-Star Service

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule A Demo/Discovery Session

We’ll discuss the best direction for your website and mobile app, provide a concise overview of our admin, and determine the best way to reach your goals.

Step 2: We Handle the Setup

We establish your streaming station(s) and content in the best way to attract visitors and keep them engaged within your app longer. We oversee the app store review and approval process as well.

Step 3: Collaborate and Excel

Once your new app has been launched, we’re always available to help you get more engagement and revenue.  We love helping stations who strive to reach the next level.

Here's What You'll Get

  • iOS/Android/Web App
  • Multiple Stations
  • Streaming Player
  • Streaming Pre-roll Ads
  • Custom Menus
  • Custom App Pages/Forms
  • Menus Link to Website Content
  • Push Notifications
  • Opening Ad Location

  • Ad Locations within App
  • CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Podcasts in App
  • Contests in App
  • Events in App
  • News Content/Categories
  • On Air Shows
  • Other Custom Content
  • Select Favorite Station

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