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Better Radio Websites

The podcast for radio professionals who want to see their website generate more traffic and revenue. Each week your host, Jim Sherwood, and his special guests give you time-tested tips and secret tricks to ensure your radio station dominates digital in your market.

7 Reasons to Start an E-Mail Newsletter Right Now

Jan 30, 2023 Website
For more detailed show notes visit e-mail newsletter is a simple and effective way for radio stations to stay connected with their audience, build community, and promote their events and promotions. If you’re not collecting e-mail addresses and reaching out to these subscribers regularly, lean in. Today we’ll cover seven reasons why you should.81% of small businesses rely on e-mail as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% rely on e-mail for retaining customers. Why? According to the Content Marketing Institute, every dollar spent on e-mail marketing typically returns an average of forty-two dollars. So, don’t think e-mail is dead or all spammy. Here are seven reasons why your radio station should start an e-mail newsletter:1. Newsletters are direct communication.2. Newsletters build relationships.3. Newsletters increase listeners and brand loyalty.4. Newsletter services are cost-effective.5. Newsletters provide measurable results.6. Newsletters can be targeted.7. Newsletters can increase your revenue.Starting a newsletter is a cost-effective and efficient way for radio stations to reach their listeners, build relationships, increase listenership, and stand out in a crowded market. It's also a way to create new revenue opportunities.We love helping our radio station clients move the needle with their online presence. Let us help you. Reach out to us at, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get updates each time we add new content to our website. We have a giant year planned.Have an awesome week online making your radio website better. See you next time!

Protecting Your Station Website from Image Copyright Claims

Jan 16, 2023 Website
For more detailed show notes, visit: week we received a phone call from a client saying they received an image copyright claim notice claiming they owed thousands of dollars for an image that appeared on their station website. That got me to thinking about what kinds of people are still posting copyrighted imagesonline.  There can be a few reasons why someone may want to try getting away with using a copyrighted image on their website without obtaining proper permission. Some of the reasons may include:Lack of knowledgeCost and convenienceLack of alternativesHow Do Copyright Holders Find Their Images1. Reverse image search2. Watermark search3. Social media monitoring4. Copyright infringement search servicesIt's important to note that even with these tools, it can be difficult for copyright owners to find every instance of their photos online, as some websites and individuals may use methods to conceal the origin of a photo. However, by combining these methods, copyright owners can increase their chances of finding and acting against unauthorized work use.Beware of Copyright Claim ImpostersCopyright imposters are individuals or companies that falsely claim to own the copyright to an image and demand payment or removal of the image from your website or social media account. These imposters may use automated tools to scan the internet for images or target content creators randomly.If you suspect you have received a false copyright claim, report the imposter to the proper authorities. In the United States, you can report the imposter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) or the Federal Trade Commission(FTC).What to Do If You Receive a Copyright ClaimIf you receive a copyright claim on your website regarding an image, you should first determine whether the claim is valid. If the image in question is indeed copyrighted, you should remove it from your website as soon as possible to avoid more potential legal issues.Website Image Best Practices1. Use your images2. Obtain permission3. Use Creative Commons licensed images4. Use stock images5. Always give credit6. Be careful with screenshots7. Altering does not save youKnowing why some people use copyrighted images, understanding how the images are found by copyright holders, and following the best practices for using images should help you make better decisions for your station website.  By taking these steps, you can protect yourself and your radio station from copyright issues.

The Top Five Website-Related Skills Your Team Needs to Know

Jan 09, 2023 Website
Today, we’ll cover the top five web-related skills your team members need to know for your station website to be successful. If you have someone on your team who will be accessing the website, they should have a basic understanding of each of these.1. Basic Image EditingThis doesn’t mean everyone should learn powerful tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. Those are overkill if you need to crop and downsize an image. There are more simple tools – even online image editors like can be used.  Editors like this can be helpful without being overwhelming.2. Basic Graphic DesignThe key here is to have everything on your station website look professional because your website's first impression could be your radio station's first impression.3. Editing and ProofreadingGood content ensures maximum impact, while poor content with errors can give a wrong impression of your radio station. Consider investing in the Grammarly service. It’s a plugin that reads your copy as you write and makes suggestions in spelling and grammar.4. SEO and Accessibility Best PracticesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your radio station website, but I bet you rarely think about it. Proper SEO techniques can be a deep-dive subject, but you can do some small things to ensure everything you post can be found easily in search engines.Accessibility means ensuring everyone can effectively access your content.  Remember that people with disabilities need to access the website through special software. When image tags are missing or if they contain cryptic filenames, these visitors will not know what images contain. This can result in getting fewer clicks than you would like.The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website has some excellent guidance to review at Simple Security MeasuresEveryone with access to your station website should only use a strong password dedicated to that website. I recommend using a password manager which allows you to set complicated/unique passwords for every account. The password manager securely houses them, so you only need to remember a single master password.Also, ensure that each of your website admins has only the proper amount of access they need to perform their tasks. If someone only writes the occasional blog post, they do not need access to edit banner ads, view contest submissions, or add new users. Limiting their access will limit the effects of an intrusion if their account is ever compromised.Wrapping UpHaving your team know these fundamental skills starts with management. Look at your station website often and call out images that do not make sense or do not stand up as looking professional. Call out spelling and grammar mistakes – before your listeners do.There are many free resources in blog posts and online training videos across Youtube to increase one’s skillset.Need help with your radio station website? Please reach out to us at

Nine Resolutions to Boost Your Radio Station Website in 2023

Jan 02, 2023 Website
Happy new year! Do you have any goals to kick off the new year? Today we want to cover some recommended new year’s resolutions that you should have for your radio station website.For more detailed show notes, visit  1) Devote More Resources to Your Station Website2) Add New/Different Content3) Try a Different Color/Layout4) Examine Your Analytics and Adjust Accordingly5) Start a Podcast6) Be More Social7) Build a Local Photo Library8) Write a Blog That Targets Advertisers9) Take Inventory of Your Online AssetsBe open and actively searching for everything your station can do online to grow your online audience, discover things that can separate your station from any competition you have, make a more significant difference in your community, and generate more income.  Unlike your radio signal, with only 24 hours of possible content per day, your station website has unlimited content and sponsorship potential that can last many years.We hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year online.  If you’re looking for a new website experience for your station in the new year or know of someone who is, we would love to help.

Adjusting the Mindset About Your Station Website

Dec 19, 2022 Website
For more in-depth show notes, visit  Today we want to talk about your mindset regarding your radio station website.  Why do you have a website for your radio station?  Is it simply to have a place to direct people to listen online?  Is it because you know every business should have one, and so you do as well?  Or is it to make more money?  Hopefully, your priority is “making more money.”  - Have a Digital-First Mindset We advocate thinking of your station website as another radio station that simulcasts, in text and images, everything you do on-air.    - Program Your Website Like a Radio Station We recommend programming your website just as you would your radio station.  What can we do to keep visitors returning tomorrow and the next day?  - Choose Content that Works for Your Audience Start with something that resonates with your station audience, measure engagement by seeing if it generates clicks, shares, and repeat visitors, and then add more content that might resonate with them.  You’ll find that adding new features will bring more visitors over time.  - RSS Feeds are not a Content Strategy Outside news should only spice the main reason people visit your website – your content.  Never fill a page with RSS links offsite.  We view these as reasons to leave your website; only paying advertisers should have that ability.  We want to help with your station website.  Please reach out to us at

Cluttered Homepages, E-Mails, and Goals with Seth Resler

Dec 12, 2022 Website
Seth Resler is a 25-year broadcasting and podcasting veteran who has worked on the mic and programmed radio stations in major markets like New York City, Boston & Seattle before crossing into online marketing. As the digital strategist at Jacobs Media, Seth works with radio stations across the U.S., helping them design and implement action plans that combine websites, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, lead generation, and other online tools.  Follow Seth's blog at more detailed show notes, please visit help with your station website?  We'd love to help you.

Top Five Reasons Your Station Should Be Podcasting with Mike Wilkerson

Dec 05, 2022 Website
For more detailed show notes, visit podcasting audience continues to grow, and its reinvigorating audio listening and advertising.  An Edison Research study shows that over half of all Americans have listened to a podcast, and one-third have listened in the last week. 41% of Americans say they listen to more podcasts than a year ago. The average podcast listener tunes into seven shows a week, consuming up to 6 hours of total listening time.  Whether you like it or not, podcasting is officially mainstream media.Check out more exciting podcasting stats at week we want to offer five reasons your radio station should be podcasting, and we’ve enlisted the help of Mike Wilkerson, owner of the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network in St. Louis.  Mike has been hosting, producing, concepting, and enhancing podcasts since 2005. He produces content for his growing client across the nation, remotely, from his Podcast Capture Studios and via “The Podcast Bug” - a 1974 custom Super Beetle with a recording studio built inside. Mike’s bottom line is, “Podcasting is Captured Perspective.”#1. Consider Podcasts as On-Demand Radio#2. Podcasting Builds Intimate Relationships#3. Podcasts Are an Extra Marketing Channel#4. Podcasts are Easy for Radio Stations to Promote#5. Podcasting Generates RevenueTo stay ahead, radio needs to focus on what it does best and apply it to podcasting. Create podcasts based on the content you’re already creating or that ties in with your communities. Also, look into creating for underserved audiences.  Is there a particular audience in your market that nobody is serving with a radio station?  That’s a podcast opportunity. You'll miss this additional revenue if you consider podcasts a competitor.See what your team is passionate about and try to build an audio community around those in-house experts. Studies show that more listeners would listen more often if a well-known personality hosted a show, but podcasters do not have to be morning show hosts.  That passionate salesperson who’s always wanted to be on the radio might have a winning podcast show.Just about everyone is starting a podcast, but do not let that fact be a stumbling block.  Radio groups have seen the potential podcasts offer to extend their reach.Need help with your station website?  We're here to help at

How Data Helps your Radio Station and Website with Corey Elliott

Nov 28, 2022 Website
Having good information about your market can help you make decisions now, tomorrow, and into the future. Today, we’ll talk with one of the leading experts in small to medium size business data and get his insight into how it can transform how you do business in the future. Today, we have Corey Elliott from Borrell Associates.If you haven’t seen or heard Corey online, then you’ve likely seen his work in the various charts they publish. He leads Borrell Associates’ ongoing surveys of local marketers — the largest survey of small to medium businesses in the U.S. — and the company’s expansive database of local advertising and marketing expenditures. He’s the co-host of the Local Marketing Trends podcast and hosts a biweekly video program, Corey’s Local Market Minute, on YouTube.For more detailed show notes, visit  

Quick Tips: Pro Images, Security and Knowing Your Website

Nov 21, 2022 Website
Today, we're introducing a new periodic feature of "Quick Tips".  These five tips might not demand a full blog post or podcast episode but are very good to know.Get more detailed show notes at  1. Instill a professional design mindset in your team.2. Have a professional logo designed for each brand your company represents.3. Ensure your team is using strong passwords.4. Check your security logs periodically.5. Test the limits of your website.Wrap upThose are our five quick tips for today. I hope they help you. Be sure to check out the podcast next for our first video podcast. It will be available on Anchor and Spotify as well as Youtube. I’m unsure about the other platforms, but the audio version will also be available. Our guest next week will be Corey Elliott with Borrell Associates, and we’ll try to get some insight from him into what’s to come for radio stations and what they are doing online.Need help with your station website.  Check us out at

Website Cache Explained: How it Makes Your Site Faster

Nov 14, 2022 Website
“Cache” is a term coined back in 1967 by IBM System Journal’s editor Lyle R. Johnson. It works on a simple principle: providing temporary storage for computed content to be accessed later.  It acts as a memory bank, making it easy to access saved data rather than re-downloading and processing it every time you visit a website.If I ask you what 5x4 is, you’ll know the answer is 20. You didn’t need to work out the math - you’ve done this multiplication so often that you no longer need to. You just remember the answer.  That is how caching works.Websites are viewed thousands or sometimes millions of times per month.  Each time a browser requests a web page, the server must do a bunch of calculations – pulling posts and images, calculating who’s on air now, deciding if the events are current, displaying the correct banner ads, weather information, and so on.  Cache stores these calculations and presents them with a much faster web experience.Today, we will cover different levels of cache and why they benefit your radio station website.For more detailed show notes, visit  Browser Caching: Browser caching allows your browser to store these files for specific amounts of time, so it doesn’t need to retrieve them every time you visit the website.Server Cache: Server cache speeds up websites for everyone, not just for returning visitors.  When a browser requests a webpage, the server takes time to process the information. After that first request, the server “remembers” the processed content and delivers it faster to subsequent visitors.Downsides to CacheHowever great the caching system is, no one is entirely safe from cache-related issues.  Cache issues can specifically be related to a user’s device, the content management system, or the hosting service.Wrapping UpCaching is a technology that increases the speed of your website.  When used correctly, it will result in significantly faster load times and decrease the load on your server. Depending on your hosting provider, an increased load on your server could result in higher hosting fees.If you aren’t already caching your web pages, please look into it immediately.

Create Banner Ads that Get Results

Nov 07, 2022 Website
Banner ads are everywhere because they’re an affordable, measurable, and effective way to increase brand awareness.  For radio stations wanting to make any revenue online, they are essential. We drive traffic to our websites from on-air and social media to increase the likelihood that a visitor will click on a banner ad so we can get more money from those advertisers.  Generating website traffic is a key step, but another is creating banner ads that generate clicks. We must create the most clickable banner ads possible.For more detailed show notes, visit Before we jump into tips on designing effective banner ads. Now is a good time to mention that your sales team must have a Digital Inventory List. We’ve covered this in previous posts and podcasts. A Digital Inventory List lists every ad space, sponsorship, or advertiser opportunity on your station website. It should also cover things off the website, like podcasts, social media posts, Youtube video mentions, live videos, etc. Everything “digital” should be included. Once you have this, it’s much easier for your sales team to know what you have available to sell. If one position on your website is full, perhaps another location or opportunity would be better for their client.1. Use the most effective, standard banner sizes.2. Keep it simple3. Maintain design hierarchy4. Make text instantly readable5. Instill a sense of urgency6. Be consistent with the client’s brand7. Use relevant images when needed8. Choose appropriate has a great read on how color can affect a viewer’s emotion and perception of the brand: Use animation10. Use the correct file formats and keep them smallThere you have it! Our 10 tips to create high-performing banner ads.  If graphic design is not your thing, or you’re too busy running your radio station, reach out to designers on services like to design the perfect, clickable ads for you.

Owning Small Business Saturday

Oct 31, 2022 Website
Small Business Saturday, observed on the last Saturday of November, was created by American Express during the 2010 recession to encourage people to Shop Small and bring more holiday shopping to small businesses.For more detailed show notes, visit small during the holiday season is more important than ever. According to the American Express Shop Small Impact survey, 78% of small business owners have stated that holiday sales indicate whether they stay open the following year or not. This means that most small businesses are poised to accept ways to increase their traffic in every way possible.Throughout November, you’ll find that media outlets will mention “Small Business Saturday” here and there. If your station or group can grab hold of the reigns and own it more than the others, it could mean more profitable relationships that last much longer than the month. Here are some ways you can do that.1. Create a Public Interest Campaign2. Tell Small Business Stories3. Go Big with Digital Properties4. Create a Small Business Saturday Page/Directory5. Create customized SBS signageWhy is Small Business Saturday important?Small businesses have long been considered the heart of the American economy. Successful small businesses bring a community together, increase real estate value and help keep local money local – which directly benefits their towns’ economies.Make your November all about Small Business Saturday. If you can own it more than your competition, those businesses should rely on you more to help with their advertising beyond November.Need help with your station website?  Reach out to us at

15 Website Mistakes that Cost Visitors and Revenue

Oct 24, 2022 Website
Our podcast and blog aim to help you and your station generate more visitors and revenue. So, it's only fitting that we list out several website mistakes that could cost you both.Get more detailed show notes at  1. Outdated/No Website Strategy2. Not Focusing on the User Experience3. Slow Load Times4. Not built for Mobile5. Too Much Content6. Weak/Too Little Content7. No Calls to Action8. Poor Navigation9. Not Following SEO Best Practices10. Overusing Stock Photography11. No Image Alt Tags12. Lack of Video13. Too Many/Too Little Ads14. Not tracking your Analytics15. No Ongoing Optimization PlanThis isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a great place to start examining your website. Are you guilty of any mistakes that could cost you visitors and revenue? If so, make a plan to resolve them right away.Need help with your radio station or corporate website?  We're here to help.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Oct 17, 2022 Website
Since 2004, October has been celebrated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, previously called National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Now in its 19th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise cybersecurity awareness nationwide and help ensure that all Americans have the resources they need to be safe and secure online.This year’s campaign theme is “See Yourself in Cyber” and represents that cybersecurity is ultimately about people, which means seeing yourself in cyber no matter your role.This year, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) have identified four key areas where we can all take action to protect our presence online and work to keep others safe. These same concepts can be used to help secure your radio station websites and any other system that touches the internet.Get more detailed show notes at  1) Think Before You Click2) Keep Your Software Updated3) Use Strong Passwords and a Password Manager4) Enable Multi-Factor AuthenticationNational Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great time to review our personal and professional security hygiene.  Remember, cyber security is a team effort.  Encourage everyone on your team to change their passwords. One employee’s mistake could lead to a virus installed on a work device, infecting your website or even your on-air system. Establishing cyber security as a fundamental part of your station to help secure it from online threats is essential.

Using Contests to Boost Your Website Traffic

Oct 10, 2022 Website
For more detailed show notes, visit contests are a great way to keep visitors returning to your website to engage with your station brand experience. Frequently touching your station builds loyalty and can turn the average visitor into a fan.  Tracking those visitor numbers provides valuable data to show existing and potential online advertisers. So, contests can be a powerful tool for meeting your online marketing goals and increasing your online revenue.Here are some best practices to keep in mind for your website contests.1. Always Have at Least One Active Contest2. Build Contests Around Sponsors When Possible3. Include Reasons for Entrants to Return/Register Often4. Limit your Contest Questions5. Provide a Way for Entrants to Sign Up for your Newsletter6. Properly Define the Rules7. Properly Promote Your Contests8. Properly Track VisitorsA contest may not be the most obvious way to generate traffic to your website, but the results may surprise you. Just be sure to invest time and effort into making your contests more engaging. The more engaging your contests are, the more traffic they will bring.Need a platform that will effectively allow you to provide engaging contests.  Reach out to us.

Inform Visitors with Emergency Information Pages

Oct 03, 2022 Website
This week, hurricane Ian ripped through Florida and up the east coast.  Before the storm, a few stations asked us to help quickly create an emergency information page so they could refer to them on-air and over social to help get essential news out to their local listeners.Do you have an emergency information page for a natural event that may affect your listeners?  It’s unlikely that a hurricane will hit a station in Kansas, but they have their share of tornados.  Tornados may not frequent places like upstate New York, but locations in the northern United States have blizzards.  Other places may not have any of these but experience long periods of drought or be susceptible to wildfires.If you have any natural events affecting your listeners, it’s a great idea to have an emergency information page on your radio station website to provide essential information when needed.  It’s great for your listeners, and it provides you with an in-house location to refer to on-air instead of directing listeners somewhere else online.Get more detailed show notes at, let’s look at some elements of an emergency information page that you may want to include.1) Twitter/Facebook Feeds2) Current weather, radar, and alerts3) Live video reports4) Local Shelter Information5) and the National Weather Service have amazing guides to get you started.6) Important numbersThe right time to create emergency information pages is not just before the event.  Take the time to create these pages now, before the storm.The more useful information you can provide on this page, the more valuable it will be to your visitor.  And you’re more likely to get sponsors to jump on board.Need help with your radio station website?  Reach out to us at

Steps to Take Before Offering Digital Services

Sep 26, 2022 Website
You’ve undoubtedly noticed a dramatic increase in digital sales over the last several years. Large radio groups were the first to see the writing on the wall that told them they needed to expand their sales offerings to include more digital products. And there are many options out there that your station can offer your clients from targeted banner ads, social media marketing, pay-per-click, SEO services, websites, CRM tools, and the list goes on and on.For detailed show notes, visit this episode:Digital is About ContentPromote Your ContentDigital Inventory ListTraining the Sales TeamSet Goals and Beat ThemKnow The Competition and Beat ThemWhen you’re eventually approached by a client to help them with their digital footprint, you’ll explain that they need content. They’ll need a vehicle to promote it like on the radio and over social. They’ll need to make goals and review their analytics often to see how they are doing. And they’ll need to know what their competition is doing if they want to beat them. Your client’s journey will be different from your station’s, but the roots will be the same.If you start your digital journey with your website, the insight you’ll gain will give you better information to help your clients with a more expanded array of digital services. You can’t do this from the bench, however. You must be fully invested in completing the digital transformation if you want to grow your revenue well into the next decade.We’d love to assist you on that journey. If you need help making the next step with your station website, please reach out to us at

Generating Revenue from Sponsored Content

Sep 19, 2022 Website
Sponsored content started in print publications and has been around for decades. Today, we’re exposed to sponsored content daily, and most of the time, we’re entirely unaware of it. So, why offer it on your radio station website?For more detailed show notes, visit  Sponsored Content WorksIn a 2016 research study, over 4,000 Forbes magazine readers were asked to view webpage content featuring brands like SONY, Maserati, and Boeing, followed by a post-exposure survey. The results demonstrated that:- Brand recall, brand favorability, and purchase consideration points rose.- Consumers were likelier to say they intend to seek more information about the brand.- Mentioning the brand name more often within the content caused the brands to be perceived as more educational (or providing service). So, they became more trusted.- 18-34-year-olds responded better to long informative articles, driving higher engagement consideration rates and aiding recall.- Consumers perceive sponsored content as more consumer-centric because it is less about selling products and more about providing value.PDF to the full report here: kinds of sponsored content can your radio station take advantage of?- Informational articles- Air talent social media posts- On-air mentions- Podcasts: Model Health ShowPreparing Sponsored ContentAs you would imagine, writing sponsored content takes additional time to get right. The traditional, in-your-face advertising tactics that we’ve become used to will not work as sponsored content.No matter who writes the content piece, here are some tips to keep in mind.1) Provide substantial value to your audience2) Ensure the content is natural and fits your audience3) Stay away from text within images and logos.4) Take time to create/tweak this content.5) Never accept commercial contentAccording to a study by Neilsen and Mode Media, consumers can spend 2.5 minutes reading a sponsored article that interests them. When implemented correctly, sponsored content can be a lucrative part of your digital strategy.I hope this information is helpful. Please leave a review for this podcast wherever you get it and be sure to share this with a colleague.

Our Recommended Tools and Services for Creating Online Content

Sep 12, 2022 Website
With every station website we create, we’re asked about what tools and services we use. So, in this post, we’ll cover what we use and offer some alternatives.Image Editing ToolsAdobe PhotoshopCreative CloudFree Alternatives to Photoshop include Gimp and PixlrAdobe IllustratorFree Illustrator alternatives include Vectornator and Inkscape.Screen RecordingScreenRecLoomStock ImagesPexelsEnvato ElementsWriting ContentGrammarlyCommunicationSlackRSS ReadersNewsflowViewing Your WebsiteWe regularly use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.ConclusionSo, these are our “go-to” list of programs and services. I hope they can help you create content for your radio station website.

Copyright and Your Radio Station Website

Sep 05, 2022 Website
For more detailed show notes visit defines copyright as "a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression.  Copyright law covers many works, including paintings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, sound recordings, computer programs, books, poems, blog posts, movies, architectural works, plays, and so much more!"Investopedia defines it like this, "Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.  Copyright infringement means that the rights afforded to the copyright holder, such as the exclusive use of a work for a set period of time, are being breached by a third party.  Music and movies are two of the most well-known forms of entertainment that suffer from significant amounts of copyright infringement." says, "To understand copyright infringement, you must first know the rights and limitations of a copyright holder.  It's possible to engage in copying and distributing someone's work without actually violating or infringing anything, so you're not legally accountable.  It's also possible to be subjected to a legal process even if you had no intention or knowledge that you stole from the owner." says, "Works created on or after January 1, 1978, have a copyright term of life of the author plus seventy years after the author's death.  If the work is a joint work, the term lasts for seventy years after the last surviving author's death.  For works made for hire and anonymous or pseudonymous works, copyright protection is 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter."