Radio Station/Group Websites

$125/month/site (1-3 Sites)
$100/month/site (4+ Sites)

Upgrade Your Online Service

Our radio station and group websites come with no term restrictions.  Setup includes content transfer from your current website, up to 10 initial design/layout and banner ads in two different sizes per site, all regular features listed on the product page and 30 minutes of support/month.  Essentially, the website will 95% ready to go live before you add anything to it.

Wondering about ROI?

Adding a digital schedule to any of your current on-air packages will nearly double it’s value.
A typical small market banner ad schedule might run $50/month. Just three clients each month or one feature sponsorship will more than pay for the website.
Website visitor numbers are solid evidence of performance. The better your website performs, the more you can charge for advertising.
You already have the means to promote and drive traffic to the website content and it’s digital advertisers.
A “Market” site will pitch your radio station(s) to in-town and out-of-town clients 24/7 – weekends and holidays included.
Just one new lead per month will pay for a “Market” website.

Setup Includes:

  • Importing all existing website news articles, pages, obituaries, on-air schedules, events and contests.
  • Creation of local team sports if needed.
  • Creation and scheduling for up to 10 client banner ads.  Your website will look sold the day it launches.

What can I expect after signup?

You will find a list of content items on your account dashboard that we need to begin crafting your new website.  Setup typically takes 2-3 days per site depending on how quickly we receive the requested content items and the volume of content to create/import.

NOTE: Skyrocket Radio is not a content service.  We do not offer content or design services beyond the initial setup period.

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