No term commitments… ever!

We don’t like being locked into lengthy contracts any more than you do.  So, you’ll never be locked into one with us.

Discount pricing is available for non-profit radio stations.

Every website includes...

Events Calendar
News Authoring
Custom Weather
Photo Galleries
On-Air Now Scheduling
Personality Blogs
Video Galleries
Election Results
Team Sports Schedules
Unlimited Forms
Scheduled Content
Dynamic Slider
Social Media Sharing
Audio/Video Players
RSS Feeds Display
Weather Alerts
Custom Page Builder
Frontend Post Submissions
Fixed or Fluid Width
Header Layout Options
Custom Mobile Menu
School/Business Closings
Latest Posts Carousel
Sponsored Posts
Headline Carousel
Countdown Clocks
Call to Action Blocks
Drag & Drop Editor
In-Page Podcasts
RSS Feed Display Layouts
Banner Ad Toggles
Twitter Block
Tabbed Content
Content in Mobile Menu

Frequently asked questions just before sign up...

Do I need a hosting account, or can I host your websites on my server?

No.  Our websites are fully hosted on our enterprise servers.  If you have an existing hosting account, you’ll be able to drop that in favor of our service.

Can we use our own domain?

Of course.  We’ll simply guide you in pointing your domain away from your current hosting provider to our servers.

What are “Station Branded Pages”?

“Station Branded Pages” are pages designed to look station-specific and different from the rest of the main website.  These are primarily used when multiple radio stations occupy the same website but need their individual homepages to look branded.  For example, a station might forward its domain to a page on the multi-station website domain  When the visitor lands on this page, it will be 100% station branded and give the appearance of a station-specific website.

An additional one-time setup fee is required for each station branded page since each station has additional on-air scheduling, contest categories, unique ad blocks, etc.

Are there any additional or unexpected fees?

Our pricing model is simple but read our Terms and Conditions page which covers every possible scenario. The only additional fee comes into play if your website requires additional server resources.  This is not typical.  Either way, we give ample notice before any additional fees would be required.

What if I sign up and then change my mind?

Upon signup, we get to work on your prelaunch site as quickly as possible.  Setup often involves several dozen man-hours or design, graphic work, etc.  We’re happy to provide a full refund within 24-hours of sign-up but after a significant amount of work has been completed, the set fees are non-refundable.  We treat these case by case.

What happens if I decide to cancel my service?

No worries! If you decide that Skyrocket Radio isn’t right for you, let us know at least 30 days prior to the date you wish to cancel.  This is covered in our Terms and Conditions.  We’ll provide you with a proper backup of your content and do everything possible to make the transition easy for you.  Other website services might get their feelings hurt and stop servicing a customer when they decide to leave, but we’re not like that.  We’ll provide the same level of service until your website is moved.

Still on the fence?

Our radio station and group websites come with no term commitment.  We’ve been there.  There’s worse than being locked into a service that you’re not in love with anymore.

Wondering about ROI?

  • Adding a digital schedule to any of your current on-air packages will nearly double its value.
  • A typical small market banner ad schedule might run $50/month. Just three clients each month or one feature sponsorship will more than pay for the website.
  • Website visitor numbers are solid evidence of performance. The better your website performs, the more you can charge for advertising.
  • You already have the means to promote and drive traffic to the website content and its digital advertisers.
  • Adding a corporate site will pitch the benefits of your radio station(s) to in-town and out-of-town clients 24/7 – weekends and holidays included.
  • Just one new lead per month will pay for a corporate website.

Setup Includes:

  • Importing all existing website news articles, pages, obituaries, on-air schedules, events, and contests.
  • Creation of local team sports if needed (limited quantities).
  • Creation and scheduling for up to 10 client banner ads in two different sizes (limited quantities for multiple websites).  You simply will not find this offer anywhere else and we believe it’s crucial to show your website as a money-maker on day one.

What can I expect after signup?

You will find a list of content items on your account dashboard that we need to begin crafting your new website.  Setup typically takes 4-10 days per site depending on how quickly we receive the requested content items and the volume of content to create/import.

NOTE: Skyrocket Radio is not a content service.  We do not offer content or design services beyond the initial setup period.