Responsive Web Design

Did you know, according to Pew Research, 60% of adults have a smartphone today?  Have you visited a website on a smartphone and found yourself constantly using your fingers to “spread” and re-size the information just so you could read it?  Have you ever tried to fill out a form on a smart phone requesting information and become frustrated because you could not see the label of the line you were filling out?  Those websites are NOT responsive and by “responsive,” we do not mean a “mobile website.”

There is a huge difference between a Responsive and a mobile website.  Mobile websites are a separate site and require their own updating.  A responsive design stands alone and becomes what you need it to become.  With so many web accessible devices now, it would be an impossible task to make a website for each screen size.  Responsive design allows all of your data and images to magically realign and re-size themselves into a readable and easily navigated masterpiece.  No matter the size or type of screen your potential clients visit your site on, the “code” that makes up the behind the scenes features of your company website responds and changes to give them the most optimized view.

Why Responsive Design is Important

Most people have seen responsive websites. They expect it. If your site does not fit on their screen and is not easy to read, they will find someone who’s website is. In fact, according to Google’s Insights, there is a 61% chance people will leave your site if it is frustrating to use on their device.

Hubspot mentions 6 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

1. Mobile usage is exploding
2. Positive user experience is a must
3. Blogging and social media bring mobile visitors to your site
4. Responsive Design is preferred for Search Engine Optimization
5. A speedy responsive website is key
6. Responsive design adapts to future devices

Visit your site on your smartphone today and then check out others. Is your website responding to the screen you are on? If not, stop losing business and update what should be your company’s biggest marketing tool today.


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