It’s Not Too Late to Start Using Memes

I’m sure many of you are well aware that memes are super popular on the internet.  There are countless new memes popping up everyday and it’s hard to keep track.  For those of us who don’t know what a “meme” is, here’s a quick Merriam-Webster dictionary definition: “an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

Memes usually include a picture with text written over it, but they can also be short videos (think Vine) or GIFs. One of the most popular memes is “Grumpy Cat”.

Grumpy Cat Meme

Grumpy Cat became popular because, well, how often do you see an angry, disapproving cat?

Because of their soaring popularity, many companies are jumping on the meme bandwagon and incorporating them into their own social media marketing mix in the hopes of keeping up with social media trends and reaching younger audiences.

Delta, for example, recently used 23 popular memes in their new safety video.

So how can your radio station effectively use memes as a marketing tool?  Business News Daily provides three excellent and simple tips on how to “memejack.”

  1. Understand the meme first: Do your research and learn where the meme came from and how others are using it. It’s better to use the meme correctly rather than using it just because it’s “cool” at the time of posting. Trust me, there are plenty of memes in the sea and you will find the right meme for your company.
  2. Don’t waste time: Similar to other social media trends, memes are just as fleeting and become “lame” within months, weeks, or even days. Before you use a meme, make sure it’s still popular and relevant.
  3. Make sure it’s appropriate: Don’t use a meme if it contradicts your company’s brand and image. While memes are hip, you have to remember the basics of audience analysis: know what they would want.

Now that you have some best practice tips for using memes in your next big marketing campaign (or even just on social media), go out and meme it up!

Radio Meme

Want to create your own meme or need a helpful meme resource? Check out the sites below.

  • Know Your Meme: This site gives helpful descriptions, a brief history, and notable examples so that you know how to best use the meme./li>
  • Meme Generator: Here you can browse popular memes, create memes using your own pictures, or caption your favorite meme characters.

Jim Sherwood serves as the chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects. Jim is a 30-year radio veteran with a resume spanning several small, medium, and large markets including roles as Digital Content Director, Program Director, Production Manager, and Morning Show Host.