Create Compelling Client Banner Ads for your Station Website

Despite diverging opinions surrounding banner ads, they are still are a popular form of advertising. Some are very good and some are absolutely horrible. Some instantly make you want to click but most are simply annoying. Bad positioning, amateur ad design and too much clutter are some of the primary reasons why these ads are ignored. We don’t want this for our clients, so your creative person/team needs to do the very best when tasked in designing a client banner ad. Just like putting thought and extra effort into providing a great radio ad can bring a lot of value and effectiveness in driving traffic to the client’s business; the same can be said for designing their banner ad image. After all, you want them turning to you and your team each time they have ad dollars to spend.

Here are 3 quick tips to get better banner ad results

Clean Layout

Each client banner ad needs to be distinguishable, but don’t overdo it. A powerful ad is simple and eye-catching. Too many elements or overdone animation can cause distraction from your website content. The client’s message has to be clear and intuitive for the users. So focus on that and pick the appropriate color palette for the message you want to communicate. Check out the article Bannersnack wrote about the importance of color in banner ads, providing insight into color basics, color schemes and guidelines you need to follow when choosing the colors for your client banner ad.

Effective Call to Action

Simply putting the client logo and phone number on a banner ad isn’t going to present the results the client is hoping for. Discuss with the client a clear goal and create an easy to click call to action. This is crucial for your client banner ads to be effective. Consider the size, shape, color, contrast, phrasing and make sure to choose a good position. Why should visitors click their ad? After creating a prominent and clickable call to action (CTA), let them know what to expect next. You can trigger curiosity to attract visitors, but don’t mislead. Ask yourself what would make you click on the ad when you saw it?

Proper Ad Placement/Amount Per Page

Always think about visitor’s experience. Does your station website provides relevant local and format content without too many ads creating a disruptive experience? Banner ads should be noticeable and recognizable without being disturbing. Visitors come to your website for content. People expect banner ads because most will identify with that’s how money is made. When banner ads overcome the content, the preception can be that your station is more interested in making money than delivering great content. This is why ad blockers have become popular. You’ll want to find a balance that fits your station goals.

We hope these tips help. Please let us know if these tips work for you.

Jim Sherwood serves as the chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects. Jim is a 30+ year radio veteran with a resume spanning several small, medium, and large markets including roles as Digital Content Manager, Program Director, Production Manager, and Morning Show Host.