14 Free Stock Photo Websites

One of the most difficult things in writing articles for your station website can be finding the right image to accompany your story.  Pulling an image from Google’s Image search is asking for big (legal) trouble.  There are many websites that have “royalty-free” images, but they can come with a cost.

While we always recommend professionally taken and personalized images for your website, we understand that is not always possible.  The good news is there are places you can go to find free stock images.  Below are a list of good websites that have decent free images.  A few require attribution listing where you borrowed the image from.  This can be in a caption or edited into the website photo.

Bonus: The following website is not free, but it is super cheap: www.dollarphotoclub.com.  As the name implies all stock photos are just a buck each.  No attribution necessary.  Rather than searching through many sites looking for the right image, we personally try this resource first.

Jim Sherwood serves as the chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects. Jim is a 30+ year radio veteran with a resume spanning several small, medium, and large markets including roles as Digital Content Manager, Program Director, Production Manager, and Morning Show Host.