Rethink Websites for Radio

According to ZenithOptiMedia, in 2012, 18.3% of advertisers were likely to spend their dollars on internet ads, just below radio. We were neck and neck. By next year, internet ad spending will surpass radio to 24.6% vs our 14.9%. This is why smaller market radio stations need to pay more attention to digital now than ever. How do you keep or get some of those dollars back? By expanding your radio station’s “total reach”. Sure your station may cover half the state, but your total reach in that area might be only a fraction of that area because of all the other options available. As you expand your total reach, page views and unique visitor numbers rise. When that happens, you are able to start charging clients more money for banner ads and sponsorships.

Primary Keys to Expand Your Reach?

  1. Get over your commitment issues. It’s too easy to continue doing what you have been doing. Change is the only way digital will work effectively for you.
  2. Start baking digital into everything your station does. Every promotion, contest, sales event, etc – must have a digital component attached.
  3. Provide great content to keep visitors coming back more often. If your website never changes, expect visitors to only visit once and never return.
  4. Integrate social sharing of your content. This will keep old and new visitors returning.
  5. Continually look over the numbers often and re-market things that work.
  6. Evaluate digital trends and evolve with them. If you notice that a lot of your listeners are on Pinterest, you should be there also.
  7. Make your website mobile accessible: Your site should look good on all devices.

As your numbers grown, you can offer different online sponsorships and get more money for them. Another main key to making your new web site successful, is never devaluing it. Offering your website ads for free or “value-added” makes the product appear cheap or something that you’re not proactive at making better.

As you can most likely tell, we’re very excited to partner with you on your new website and want to see your station succeed beyond any expectation.

Jim Sherwood serves as chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects.

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