February Promotion Ideas

February is a month full of promotional opportunities for your radio station. Whether your listeners are into football, films or cars flying around a race track, you have lots of opportunities to grab their attention.  Here are just a few.  Just be sure that any on-air promotion must have a website component that you can promote on social media channels.  The following February promotion ideas require a contesting or forms component on your station website.

Is Your Love Story a Hallmark/Lifetime Channel Worthy Story?

Have listeners submit a short essay on how they and their significant other found each other.  Of all of the entries, pick one winning story that is deemed the most “Hallmark/Lifetime Channel” worthy.  Partner with a local video production company to shoot their story on film and submit it to the Hallmark/Lifetime Channel for review.  Ensure that local sponsors are promoted during the contest and guarantee their business will appear in the produced film.

Valentines Date with Station DJ

Have single listeners submit requests to go on a date with the single DJ of their choice on Valentine’s Day.  The most requested DJ to date will go on the date and a random listener from their entries will accompany them.  The DJ will pick them up in a sponsored limo, eat at a sponsored restaurant and attend a local concert or event.  Ensure that the entire date is filmed to be shown on the station website.

Pick the Daytona 500 Winner

The Daytona 500 is coming up on February 26th.  Provide a simple contest entry form that either allows for one winner to be picked or have them guess the top three drivers in order.  Partner with a local auto-parts store to provide the winner with garage makeover or a large gift certificate.

Film Our Radio Station Bowl Game Commercial

A few years ago, Doritos took submissions for original commercial ideas.  The best one became their Super Bowl commercial for that year.  Have your listeners create and submit an original TV commercial promoting your radio station.  Make it more interesting my requiring certain items to be displayed/used during the commercial.  Pick the winner out of all of the submissions to win bragging rights plus sponsor prizes.  If you have a partnership with a local TV station, trade out a commercial schedule for the day of the big game.  The spot doesn’t have to be inside the Super Bowl.

Weirdest Valentines Day Ever

Take story submissions for the weirdest Valentines Day ever.  These can be true or made up stories.  Share them on-air and have other listeners pick their favorite to be the winner of sponsored prizes.

Win the Presidents on President’s Day

Take simple online entries all month to win all of the Presidents on President’s Day.  On President’s Day, call random winners on-air throughout the day to announce that they have won all of the presidents ($188.41).  This equates to a $100 (Benjamin Franklin – even though he wasn’t an actual president), $50 (Ulysses S. Grant), $20 (Andrew Jackson), $10 (Alexander Hamilton), $5 (Abraham Lincoln), $2 (Thomas Jefferson), $1 (George Washington), quarter (George Washington), nickel (Thomas Jefferson), dime (Franklin D. Roosevelt), penny (Abraham Lincoln).  These are the most widely used denominations.  There are larger bills still in circulation but your station budget can determine whether to include those or not.

These are just a few February promotion ideas.  Let us know what February promotions have worked the best for your station.

Jim Sherwood serves as chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects.