Should I Post This? A Social Posting Guide for Air Personalities

Social media is often used for personal expression; to show special interests, proud moments, something informative, and personal statements. Social media accounts allow us to be an extension of who were are on the radio.  While it can be tempting to tell everyone everything, air personalities still have a commitment to being the “stand-up” person that everyone hears on the radio.

Once you put something out there, it can be interpreted in any way, by any viewer.  Employers in particular take notice of what you post for the public.  With either your words or your photos, you can have huge impact on your current and future employment.

The infographic below shows that nearly 80% of recruiters check for your postings and frequently reject applicants because of their online presence.  Here’s a checklist of sorts to guide you in posting the right things on your personal or station-related personal social media account.

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Should I Post This

Jim Sherwood serves as chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects.

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