Weatherology Powers Our Website Weather


We are excited to announce that our official weather information provider is Weatherology.

Skyrocket Radio has always offered a custom weather solution that did not depend on third-party coding to display weather information.  We believe radio stations should be able to customize their weather pages so that they can better sell digital sponsorships to clients.  Offering a custom solution also allows us to modify things as each station’s needs evolve.

Choosing Weatherology’s API to power our updated weather plugin was an easy pick.  Weatherology is the largest and most respected weather radio network in America.  Over 1,200 affiliate stations trust Weatherology to provide up-to-the-minute local weather reports and local severe weather coverage.  Their service is completely automated and integrates into nearly every automation system.  In fact, they are the only company in the world that enjoys full integration agreements with ENCO, WideOrbit, and RSC (Nexgen and Zetta).

Weatherology is the only company in the world that uses real meteorologists in real-time to update local forecasts around the clock, even while unattended.  With the weather constantly changing, prerecorded forecasts are not the most efficient way to ensure reliability and trust with your listeners.  “Up to the minute” means the forecast is always accurate, not a guess that compromises the credibility of your station.  They have cash and barter options available.  Learn more and inquire about their terrestrial and digital weather solutions at

While our weather plugin is included with all subscriber websites, displaying audio forecasts online is not.  Stations that subscribe to Weatherology’s audio forecasts can enable an audio player within our plugin to play the most up-to-the-minute audio forecast around the clock.

See our new Weatherology-powered weather pages at and

This exciting integration to our ecosystem is another step forward as we grow our service offerings.

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