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Need a Website Health Check? Here’s a 20+ Point Checklist

Is your website running at its maximum potential? Here are some pointers to see if you can make improvements. For your station to succeed online it’s vital to have a website that is running at optimal power.  A site with structural errors and not fully... Read More.

Increasing Your Station’s Visibility on Facebook

The last few months have brought several big changes to Facebook, including the rise of videos in news feeds as well as Facebook’s recent crackdown on promotional posts.  If you have one in place, by now we hope you have re-evaluated and updated your... Read More.

How Often Should Your Station Post to Social Media

Are you tweeting too much and not posting enough Facebook? Your social media presence is a great way to get yourself known and get people talking about your brand. However, users of each platform will respond in different ways so knowing how often to... Read More.

10 SEO Tips for URL Structure

Through our research of the latest digital marketing trends we learn a lot of tips and tricks that we can then share with our client stations. Whether you are having trouble structuring your URLs or just feel like you would like some pointers, this... Read More.

4 Reasons Why You Probably Won’t Finish This Article

You can spend a lot of time creating content so that your readers stay informed.  There are lots of search engine optimization reasons as well.  But what if there were evidence that many of your website visitors were not finishing the articles you published on... Read More.

Why Your Website Content is Important for SEO

According to Google, over a billion searches take place using their search engine every single day.  In fact, search engines have become such a big part of people’s daily lives that in 2006 “google” was officially added to the dictionary as a verb that represents... Read More.

How Important is Your Website to Your Station?

There's no doubt that websites are extremely important to businesses.  As we meet various station managers and owners around the state and country, we are asked if they truly need a website.  So we thought we’d share and address a few of their common questions... Read More.

Responsive Web Design

Did you know, according to Pew Research, 60% of adults have a smartphone today?  Have you visited a website on a smartphone and found yourself constantly using your fingers to “spread” and re-size the information just so you could read it?  Have you ever... Read More.

Video Ads

Online video is growing faster than most other advertising formats and mediums.  According to estimates, video ad revenue will increase at a three-year compound annual growth rate of 19.5% through 2016.  That's faster than any other medium other than mobile.  And much faster than... Read More.

Rethink Websites for Radio

According to ZenithOptiMedia, in 2012, 18.3% of advertisers were likely to spend their dollars on internet ads, just below radio. We were neck and neck. By next year, internet ad spending will surpass radio to 24.6% vs our 14.9%. This is why smaller market... Read More.

Taylor Swift School of Marketing

Article by Pamela Herrmann If you’re looking for ways to increase loyalty to your brand so that you can grow your sales, take a page from the playbook of Taylor Swift and begin by listening to what your fans (and... Read More.