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Why Does Your Radio Station Have A Website? 6 Reasons Why You Should

This can be a provocative question, not because it is difficult to answer but because it is fundamental to beginning the conversation around the goals of your station's web presence.  Like many small business owners, you may believe your station cannot benefit from having a... Read More.

Is Your Outdated Website Costing Your Station Business?

Many radio stations, and other businesses in general, greatly underestimate just how much emphasis people place on good design as a factor when they decide to trust their business or not.  There's a study entitled "Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites".  While this study targeted... Read More.

Fresh Content Is What Listeners Crave

Gone are the days where just having a station website was good enough.  Even today, so many radio stations maintain the mindset that as long as they "have something online" they are in the game.  Unfortunately, that's just not true.  Sure your website may... Read More.

Ditch Your Outdated Browser, Please!

As we visit some of our newer radio station clients, it has been amazing to see how many are still using outdated operating systems and web browsers.  Somewhere in the conversation increased viruses and broken websites always get mentioned. If you are reading this blog right... Read More.

Optimizing Images for Fast Load Times

It's essential that your station website loads quickly.  If not, the listener will be gone before the page loads.  Why?  For one, people are typically impatient, and they won't wait more than a few seconds for your page to load. Also, search engines take... Read More.

SEO 101 – Bringing Visitors to Your Station Content

Want to learn how search engine optimization (SEO) works in the time it takes to finish a cola?  Here are the basics you need to know: from how a search engine works, to important SEO for your website and what changes you can... Read More.

It’s Not Too Late to Start Using Memes

I’m sure many of you are well aware that memes are super popular on the internet.  There are countless new memes popping up everyday and it’s hard to keep track.  For those of us who don’t know what a “meme” is, here’s a quick... Read More.

12 Newbie Dos & Don’ts For Social Media

You've got your station website up and going and now you're wanting to bring traffic to it.  One of the best ways is to put it out there on social media channels that your audience is visiting.  But unless you use social media personally,... Read More.

Should I Post This? A Social Posting Guide for Air Personalities

Social media is often used for personal expression; to show special interests, proud moments, something informative, and personal statements. Social media accounts allow us to be an extension of who were are on the radio.  While it can be tempting to tell everyone everything, air... Read More.

Writing Social Media Headlines That Generate Traffic

Everyone is looking to generate more social media traffic.  It's all about drawing traffic back to your station website where you can monetize it.  More social traffic obviously means more clicks back to your website. The words you use in your social media headlines can... Read More.

Encouraging Station Advocates

Today companies can have literally have tens, hundreds or even thousands of advocates to benefit from.  Who are these advocates?  The employees!  Empowering employees to share on behalf of the organization can provide extensive reach for positive company remarks.  And for this, we're not just talking... Read More.