Adjusting Your Mindset and Programming Your Content

In this episode, we want you to adjust your mindset on how you feel about your website and we’re going to talk about the two very tip-top things you need to do to make your website better.

This podcast is sponsored by Skyrocket Radio but the information we provide each week will be universal. No matter if you use another service or if you create and maintain your website in-house, we hope this content will be beneficial to you.

Adjust typical mindset.

Adjust your mindset into thinking of the station website as another radio station that is simulcasting. The end goal is to make money with your website, just as you do your radio station.

So, what makes listeners return to your radio station each day? Great music? Artist information? Local news? Contests? Events? Weather? Local sports scores?

#1 Create Great Content – Give visitors a reason to return day after day.

Everything you do on-air should be online as well. This can be local event information, local news, format news, local sports information, etc.  Program your website just as you would your radio station. Your program director’s job is to adjust things on-air to keep the station fresh and make it so that listeners want to return. Think the same for your website. What can we do to keep visitors coming back tomorrow and the next day.

Only import RSS Feeds to add flavor to your local content.  Chances are that visitors can find the content you’re importing in dozens of other places.  And NEVER include RSS feeds that simply link back to the originator’s website.  These 4-10 links back to a national or regional provider are simply reasons for your visitors to leave. Only your advertisers can pay for that ability.

#2 Promote the CONTENT (not your website).

– Because it’s all about increasing those page views (ratings).

– Tease your content like you would an upcoming on-air feature.

– Mention the website and a reason to visit often on-air – not only when you have to.

– All links on social should tie back to the website. “Use the pages you rent to promote the pages you own.“ Tease it there and link back to the website.

– Use your newsletter and mobile apps to remind visitors of new content.

– Do everything you can to increase those page views because those are your ratings.


We want to help your radio station grow and succeed online.  That journey starts with an amazing website that keeps visitors coming back often.  Reach out to us to start your path to online success, or book an appointment to see our tools in action.