Bigtown Prelaunch Checklist

Thank you for choosing to partner with Skyrocket Radio in the pursuit of more traffic and digital revenue.

Here are the list of things we need to get started on your “Bigtown” website(s).

Station Logo: High resolution or vector preferred.

Color Scheme Ideas: Please send color schemes ideas that you like (dark/light/logo colors/etc).

Complete On-Air Lineup: including (large) photos, bios, social media links, website urls for syndicated programming, etc.  Each show has the ability to have its own blog, so I’ll need to know which (if any) will be blogging.  We encourage show blogs because that’s more content they can promote to drive numbers.  You can decide at any time if a show needs to be in a blog layout or it needs to be a simple bio page.  Some syndicated programming might be a simple link to their website.  Every hour should be accounted for.

Dynamic Lead Preference: On the demo homepages, notice how some have a slider while others show a slider, weather forecast, Youtube channel, etc.  Each website can be different and you can decide to change it up at any time.

Sports Teams?  Do you want to highlight any local sports teams with schedules, player of the week, etc?  See this:  If so, I’ll need school/team logos, schedules, etc.  Player of the Week is optional.  We must limit the amount of teams to five and the amount of schedule dates to 15 for this free content population.

Initial upcoming events including dates/times, photos, details and photos.  Limit 10 events.

Current Contests: with photos, rules, start/end dates, etc.  Please note the type of entry for each contest (simple name/email, answer question, on-air only).

Social Media URLs.  Send links to your channels and any listen live links that you would like to feature.  Do not send usernames and passwords.

Up to 10 clients that you would like banner ads created for.  If you are signing up for more than one station, the limit is 5 clients per station.  Please send links to the client websites and any copy that needs to be included on the ads.  If no copy is attached, I will simply pull their logo and location information from their website for a “generic” type ad.  I recommend standard banner ad sizes of 728×90 and 300×250 because nearly all agencies will have creative ready in those sizes.  However, you can choose whatever sizes you wish.  I will create ads in both sizes so you can pick/choose where they are best served.

– Google information.  If you have a Google account, please send me your Analytics code and Adsense codes for 300×250 and 728×90 banner ad sizes.  If you do not have these codes, send me your Google login information and I will set these up for you.  Keep in mind that Google Adsense does NOT approve newly established websites.  Only websites with traction and consistently updated content receive and maintain approval.

Current Website Admin Credentials.  These are required if we are transferring content from your current website.  We will do everything possible to save your previous posts, media, events, etc.