Premium Extensions

Premium extensions are features that do not ship with Skyrocket Radio websites. Instead, these are paid extras that will only benefit some markets and situations.

Available Premium Extensions

Unless specifically noted, these extensions come with a one-time per site cost of between $100 and $200.  Each of these are for Skyrocket Radio subscribers only.  We do not sell our plugins or themes.

Premium Extensions


Create a list of advertisers or a list of every business in town and charge for featured listings. Each entry comes with the ability to embed a video or their commercial.

Premium Extensions


Fastest Climbing Five at Five” or “Top SEC Teams”. Create a chart of songs, teams, or whatever and display them in a responsive way.

Premium Extensions

Youtube Preroll

Embed your own or client Youtube pre-rolls in front of embedded Youtube Videos on your site.

Premium Extensions

Page Peel Ads

Display top-right corner peel ad locations to give your clients a premium visual location for their banner ad.

Premium Extensions

Vertical Scroll Ads

A visually attractive ad block to vertically scroll client banner bottom to top.

Premium Extensions

Countdown Clock

Countdown to any event and offer sponsorship opportunities. The animated nature of the countdown draws immediate attention.

Premium Extensions

Photo Voting

Create “Hot or Not” or number scale image voting. The voter will see immediate results which are trackable via the admin area.

More to Come

Premium extensions are always being developed based on client requests. Don’t hesitate to ask if something can be custom coded for your particular situation.