Premium Extensions

Premium extensions are features that do not ship with Skyrocket Radio websites. Instead, these are paid extras that will only benefit some markets and situations.

Available Premium Extensions

Unless specifically noted, these extensions come with a one-time per site cost between $50 and $200.  Each of these are for Skyrocket Radio subscribers only.  We do not sell our plugins or themes.


Create a list of advertisers or a list of every business in town and charge for featured listings. Each entry comes with the ability to embed a video or their commercial.

Classified Listings

Listeners can easily submit local listings in different categories without requiring an account.  Listings are limited in length and can easily be read during an accompanying on-air segment or show.

Feed to Post

RSS feeds are not encouraged because they lead visitors away from your website.  This plugin imports feed content as local posts to keep viewers them in front of your advertiser messages. Looking for format news? Try Pulse Web Content.

Content Syndication

This extension is a must-have for multiple stations. Syndicate (copy) regular posts, events, contests, obituaries, etc to one or multiple sister websites.

Securenet Now Playing

if you are a Securenet Systems/Cirrus streaming affiliate, this extension auto-updates with the “now playing” information.  It also creates a page of the last 30 events played.  This plugin offers unique sponsor opportunities Securenet’s widgets do not.

More to Come

Premium extensions are always being developed based on client requests. Don’t hesitate to ask if something can be custom coded for your particular situation.